Trump said that he was surprised by Romney's botched answers to questions about turning over his income tax returns in last week's pair of GOP debates.

"You have to understand, Mitt Romney is a good debater also, he's had some problems on the one big issue, which is surprising, because everyone knows it's going to come up, and that's the income tax issue," Trump said.

The reality television show host, who led the Republican polls while considering a presidential bid of his own last summer, said that Romney needed to release his returns as soon as possible. The former governor said Sunday that he would post his taxes on his campaign website by Tuesday.

"Mitt has to get those tax returns out; I'm a little surprised they weren't better prepared for that," Trump said.

Trump also advised Romney to go on the attack in the pivotal Florida primary.

"Right now Mitt Romney has more pressure. He's got to come out swinging and be more assertive," Trump said.

The real estate mogul went on to say that he wasn't concerned that polls show Newt Gingrich's unfavorability ratings to be high among the general electorate, a potential liability in a showdown against President Obama.

"He may be radioactive, but every time he stands at a podium, he seems to beat everyone," Trump said.

Trump went on to say that Gingrich's electoral path could be a similar one to former President John F. Kennedy, who came from behind to defeat then-Gov. Richard Nixon after a strong debate performance.

"The debates are very important, and he's a great debater," Trump said.