Trump, who has been critical of Romney in the past — especially when the former governor skipped a planned Newsmax debate that was to be hosted by the real estate mogul — had praise for Romney's campaign performance. Trump said that he viewed it as an asset when a candidate could talk about his wealth and how that tied into the "American dream."

"I actually think it's a great thing when you can show you've been successful, when you've made a lot of money and employed a lot of people. … I think Mitt Romney is starting to do that," Trump said.

Trump also credited Romney's performance in recent debates.

"Newt will tell you, he was off. He did not do well. He wasn't terrible, but he certainly didn't do great, and I think Mitt Romney actually did great," Trump said. "I thought in those last two debates that Mitt was fantastic."

Trump reiterated that he would not make his final decision about running for president until after his reality television show ended its season in the spring.