Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) warned Monday that the majority of U.S. voters would soon be dependent on the government.

Speaking Monday on KFYO news radio in Lubbock, Texas, DeMint said Democrats have more time to be engaged in politics because Republican voters are too busy “raising kids” and “starting businesses” to keep up. 


“We’re at a point in America where about half of the people are getting something from government and the other half are paying for it, and we’re on track to have 60 percent getting something from government and 40 percent paying for it,” DeMint said. 

“What that means is people who vote are not going to vote for less government, and if we’re not careful we’ll end up like Greece, where even in the middle of a bankruptcy the people are still marching in the streets for more benefits.”

DeMint said small-government conservatives are "busy with real life” while big-government liberals work for benefits from the government. 

“The people who want more from government, who are dependent on government, are well organized and well-motivated under the Democratic umbrella,” he said. 

“The rest of the country — those that are working and paying taxes — are so busy with real life, like raising kids and starting businesses, they don’t like politics and generally don’t vote like the other side does.”