At least eight fundraisers throughout California have the Newt Gingrich campaign hopeful that it can bounce back from a string of tough defeats and money woes that have thrown the former Speaker's long-term viability into question.

"We're pretty pleased with this," Mike Schroeder, Gingrich's California political director and a former chairman of California's Republican Party, told The Washington Post. "The thing of it is, this campaign has been up and down. We crested out of South Carolina and raised a lot of small-dollar donations. But then Santorum came in, and now we've got a headwind."

Gingrich has raised $2 million in California alone since the start of 2012.

The news comes a day after Gingrich benefactor Sheldon Adelson was reportedly considering another multimillion-dollar donation to the super-PAC supporting Gingrich's efforts. Adelson is reportedly concerned that Rick Santorum's recent polling surge could upend the GOP race, pushing out his preferred candidate — Gingrich — and Mitt Romney, whom the casino mogul sees as a viable alternative in a general election matchup against President Obama.


The influx of cash should help Gingrich as the campaign heads into the crucial Super Tuesday primaries — especially after one of the biggest free media opportunities, the March 1 CNN debate in his home state of Georgia, was canceled Thursday after the other candidates pulled out.

Gingrich has plans for further fundraising efforts in Georgia, New York, Tennessee and Texas in coming days. A Web ad released Monday explicitly asked supporters to donate to the campaign.

Republican donors have been generous of late, with Ron Paul's campaign announcing Thursday that it banked $1.2 million off a Valentine's Day money bomb fundraiser. Santorum estimated last week that he had raised more than $1 million in the 24 hours after his surprise wins in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota, and more than $3 million for the week.

A previous version of this article cited a report in The Washington Post that Gingrich had raised $2 million over three days in California. The Gingrich campaign later clarified that it had raised $2 million in all of 2012 in the state.