Mitt Romney won't be filling out a March Madness bracket this year.

"I'm not plugged in well enough this year to do that," Romney said Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. 


While Romney won't be making a bracket, President Obama plans on unveiling his picks for the college basketball tournament on Wednesday. Obama, an avid basketball fan, usually publicizes his bracket.

On Tuesday, ESPN reported that Obama had picked the University of Kentucky, Ohio State University, the University of Missouri and the University of North Carolina to make the Final Four in the tournament. ESPN will release Obama's complete bracket on Wednesday.

Obama's reelection campaign also started a "bracket challenge" on its website, allowing voters to post their bracket picks and compare them to Obama's. From a campaign point of view, the challenge lets Obama's reelection campaign collect information on the demographics of Obama supporters.

Also on Tuesday, Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron attended a tournament game in Dayton, Ohio. The White House labeled the leaders' visit to watch the game as an evening to "underscore the special relationship that the United States and the United Kingdom share."