“The only reason we canceled North Carolina was to do things in Washington. We had an opportunity to do a couple things in Washington tomorrow and the Washington primary’s next Tuesday, and so that’s why we stayed in Washington,” Gingrich said.

Still, the move by the Gingrich campaign to begin charging attendees $50 to take pictures with the candidate at public events marks a significant turn for the former Speaker, who has stressed accessibility on the campaign trail. A Gingrich spokesman said earlier this month that the campaign was about break-even, but tough losses in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana likely did little to inspire the necessary fundraising to boost Gingrich's bottom line.

On Monday, Gingrich pledged to remain in the contest until someone secured the 1,144 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination.

"I think the morning that he gets 1,144 that are locked down, then I think he can claim to be the nominee. But until then, he's not the nominee," Gingrich told CNN. "Remember, I'm from Atlanta, where we were ahead by 10.5 games last year with only 28 games to go, and the Cardinals didn't quit. Everybody wanted them to, but they just kept coming and they ended up winning. I think this is not over until it's over. "

Gingrich will campaign on Maryland's Eastern Shore Tuesday, and has campaign stops in the Washington, D.C., area scheduled for Wednesday.