Vice President Biden said at a fundraiser in Chicago on Thursday that he expected Republicans to "carpet-bomb" President Obama with millions in donations to super-PACs in the coming election cycle.

The vice president predicted Republican-affiliated super-PACs would raise between $400 million and $800 million and said that amount represented one of the greatest threats to the president's reelection effort. 


“I don’t think we’ll be beaten by those candidates. I think we’ll be beaten — if we are — by something happening in the Eurozone or something happening in the Gulf, which could be difficult for us, or this barrage of super-PAC money. But even with that I feel good,” Biden said.

Biden told the campaign supporters in the president's hometown that their donations were necessary to counteract that possibility.

"We can put together the best ground game that ever has occurred in the history of American politics,” he said.

The remarks came at a fundraiser of around 65 people at the home of a real estate developer in Chicago's tony Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Biden also lauded the president's "ramrod" backbone and said Republicans wanted to roll back the Supreme Court's Griswold v. Connecticut ruling that legalized contraception.

“We’re going to win this election,” Biden predicted, arguing the president was the best candidate. “The second reason we’re going to win is because of all of you. Thank God there’s rooms like this I’ve been able to go into all around the country. You guys are putting us in the game.”