Snowden's girlfriend lives with him in Moscow, film reveals
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A new documentary about National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden takes a look at his life in exile, including revelations that he still lives with his longtime girlfriend, Lindsay Mills.

Mills moved to Moscow to be with Snowden in July, according to an Intercept preview of the documentary, called “Citizenfour.”


The film dispels the image that Snowden leaked confidential information about U.S. intelligence practices and left his girlfriend where they lived in Hawaii while he worked as a defense contractor.

“Vital to the U.S. government and its assorted loyalists in the commentariat is to depict whistleblowers as destined to live miserable lives,” said Glenn Greenwald, a journalist who first disclosed Snowden leaked information about surveillance operations.

“That’s the key to their attempt to deter unwanted disclosure: the message that doing so will result in the full-scale destruction of one’s life,” Greenwald writes in the Intercept. “The reality is that none of that has ever applied to Edward Snowden.”

Current and former government officials, including President Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney, have been harshly critical of Snowden for releasing the sensitive documents that ultimately sparked a worldwide debate over the America’s security tactics. 

"Citizenfour," from the Intercept's co-founding editor Laura Poitras, premiered on Friday at the New York Film Festival, and will be in theaters nationwide beginning Oct. 24. Poitras worked with the former government contractor on exposing the NSA's surveillance programs while at The Washington Post.