An American freelance journalist has been cleared of the Ebola virus after he fell ill while working as a cameraman for NBC News and Vice News in Liberia, according to reports.

Ashoka Mukpo tweeted Tuesday night that he’s had three consecutive days of negative Ebola tests and called the discovery “a profound relief.”

He was evacuated from Liberia and sent to Nebraska for treatment earlier this month after he caught the virus.


The Rhode Island native started tweeting from the hospital on Oct. 13, giving a first-hand account of his experience in Liberia as well as his struggle to fight off the virus. He’s the fifth person to recover from Ebola after treatment in the United States.

Nina Pham, a Dallas nurse who caught Ebola while she treated a Liberian man who flew to America with the disease, has been upgraded to good condition as she continues her treatment at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland.