A 23-year-old Maryland man has been charged with three felony and four misdemeanor counts after allegedly jumping over the northern fence of the White House Wednesday night.


Dominic Adesanya was charged with two counts of felony assault for allegedly attacking a pair of K-9 unit dogs that charged at him moments after he cleared the fence. Video of the incident appears to show Adesanya kicking, punching, and at one point, even body slamming the dogs.

The Maryland man was also charged with four misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and unlawful entry, and a felony count of making threats.

After a brief hospitalization, Adesanya was turned over to the U.S. Marshals Service for previous outstanding warrants.

Hurricane and Jordan, the security dogs involved in the arrest were taken to a veterinarian following the incident for minor bruising from Adesanya’s blows, the Secret Service said. Both were cleared to return to duty, the agency added.

Adesanya’s court date is pending at this time.

The incident Wednesday was the seventh time an individual has jumped over the White House fence this year, but the first since Army veteran Omar Gonzalez allegedly scaled the fence last month and was able to run into the White House with a knife in his pocket before being detained.

Revelations from that security lapse prompted intense scrutiny of the Secret Service, leading to the eventual resignation of Director Julia Pierson. An independent panel of former administration officials and Justice Department employees is currently conducting an outside review of security procedures at the executive mansion, and the Secret Service has already taken new security steps, including the installation of a second fence ringing the White House. The results of that review — as well as the panel’s recommendation for a new, permanent director for the agency — are expected in December.

The incident also came the same day as a series of shootings in Canada's capital city of Ottawa, including the exchange of gunfire inside the country's parliament building. One Canadian soldier was killed in the incident.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday he was not aware of any additional security procedures being implemented because of the Canadian shooting.

But the incident did not appear to be directly related to the events in Canada.

Adesanya’s father, who asked not to be named, told a Baltimore TV station that his son was “mentally disturbed” and heard voices. He said Wednesday was not his son’s first interaction with the Secret Service.

"He had done it before. ... He didn't get that close," the father told the station. ”He didn't cross the fence. He was at the gate, fussing at the people, wanting to talk to the president to tell the president about his situation."