Limbaugh: Obama can heal racial tensions
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Rush Limbaugh said Sunday that President Obama needs to do more to heal the racial tensions spurred by the recent grand jury actions in Missouri and New York.


The prominent conservative radio host, appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” called Obama a “great orator,” and said the president could do a lot to soothe the anger that many blacks have after police officers weren’t indicted in the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y.

“If he wants to, he can inspire,” Limbaugh said.

Still, Limbaugh also almost wholly blamed the reaction to the grand juries’ actions on “grievance politics” that he said was “ripping our fabric apart. 

“There are too many people profiting off this strife,” he insisted.

On Fox, Limbaugh slammed both Obama and Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) of New York for not doing enough to defend the police in the wake of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths.

“I don’t think things are perfect and rosy in America,” Limbaugh said, before adding that Obama and de Blasio ignored centuries of racial progress in their recent reactions. “You would think it’s 200 years ago.”

The radio host added that the “real outrage” in Garner’s death was that someone was killed for selling loose cigarettes, which he said was an outgrowth of liberals’ desire for more government.

“If you want a powerful state, there’s your police force,” he said.