Former government leaker Edward Snowden said on Wednesday he was “deeply saddened” and angered by an “extraordinary” report detailing CIA enhanced interrogation tactics.


Snowden said that the report released by Senate Democrats on Tuesday detailed "inexcusable crimes."

He charged the techniques described in the report are "deeply corrosive to the morals of the United States" as well as the "standard rule of law as it applies around the world."

“Individuals actually lost their lives — they died — after being chained to a concrete floor in an unheated room, half naked," Snowden said during a webcast hosted by a branch of Amnesty International to recognize International Human Rights Day.

"And rather than having the officer who ordered that behavior be prosecuted, he actually received a monetary bonus from the Central Intelligence Agency of $2,500. These are things that leave a stain on the moral authority of the United States government,” Snowden, a regular critic of U.S. security policy, said.

Republicans and CIA officials have blasted the 500-plus-page executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee's 6,700-page report as inaccurate. Democrats on the panel say the partly redacted summary is necessary for transparency.

The report says the agency wrongly held more than two dozen detainees, employed "rectal feeding" without documented medical need and used sleep deprivation.

While Snowden said the report was a "good step forward in terms of acknowledging the reality of what we have done," he said it "does nothing" to hold accountable "officials who ordered this behavior and the officers who actually directly engaged in torture."

Snowden did computer work at the CIA before blowing the whistle on National Security Agency programs as a private contractor. He resides in Moscow.

Read the full report here.