Newt Gingrich, another former Republican rival, issued a similar warning earlier this week.

"We found out when we got in a fight with Mitt Romney over this that it didn't work," Gingrich told CNN.

"The average American looked up and said, 'it's about free enterprise.' And it turned out that particular argument simply doesn't work," he added.
Perry was also asked to handicap potential running mates for Romney, who should officially sew up the nomination after Tuesday's primary in Perry's home state of Texas. The governor largely deferred from the question, although suggested that prominent Hispanic Republicans might be worthy of consideration.

"I think Mitt Romney has got plenty of people around him and has excellent instincts of his own on who could be his best running mate.  He doesn't need me to -- to give him any advice on that," Perry said.

"You know, what he's going to be asking me to do is go out and talk about not only his record, but the record of states like Texas, records like [New Mexico Gov.] Susana Martinez and [Nevada Gov.] Brian Sandoval, [Sen.] Marco RubioMarco Antonio RubioPut partisan politics aside — The Child Tax Credit must be renewed immediately These Senate seats are up for election in 2022 Lawmakers press Biden admin to send more military aid to Ukraine MORE [(R-Fla.)], that are reaching out into the Hispanic population across this -- this country with a great record.  I mean when we talk about what is it that the Hispanic voters are looking for and the Republican Party, I think, encompasses those, whether it's they're very pro-life, they're very patriotic, they're very economically-minded.  And those are issues that the Republican Party, I think -- and do you know what? I just mentioned three people that would be very capable as vice presidential nominee, as well," the governor continued.

Perry also refused to rule out another bid for the presidency. The governor has said in the past that he's still interested in a bid for the Oval Office.

"Oh, check on me in June, 2013, and then we'll have that conversation," Perry said.