Shots fired near Biden's Delaware home
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Several gunshots were fired out of a speeding car passing Vice President Biden’s Delaware home Saturday evening, according to the Secret Service.

The Bidens were not in the residence at the time, and it is not clear if any of the shots hit the home or were even aimed at it.

A Secret Service representative said that at roughly 8:25 p.m., a vehicle drove past the Bidens' home at a "high rate of speed" and fired several shots. The vehicle was driven on a public road "outside the established security perimeter."


The Secret Service and local police were unable to catch the vehicle as it sped away, and are currently surveying the residence to see if any rounds hit it. The Bidens' home sits a few hundred yards from the public road.

After the shooting, police took into custody a man who allegedly resisted arrest near the vice president’s home, and officials were working to determine if he is related to the shooting in any way.

“The Secret Service is working closely with the New Castle County Police on investigating this incident,” said a Secret Service representative.

The man in custody allegedly attempted to drive past a police office securing the area around the Biden residence.

The Secret Service says it is also still attempting to determine a motive for the shooting.

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