Mitt Romney finally secured the GOP nomination on Tuesday night — and now he has made his way into hipster culture.

Urban Outfitters, a clothing chain known for its eclectic merchandise, is offering a new line of political T-shirts. One pro-Romney shirt on the company's website reads, "Mitt is the s--t.”


Romney shirts, many of which depict the candidate as an oven mitt, join a T-shirt of President Obama “Tebowing,” or kneeling in the pose popularized by NFL quarterback Tim Tebow — who does so in religious affirmation after a touchdown — on the president’s desk. The shirt is called the “Victory Kneel Obama Tee.”

Other available shirts are pro-Ron Paul. One such model reads, "Ron Paul: American bada-s,” and another, “Ron Paul & Drugs & Rock & Roll.” A shirt with Paul’s face on it reads “Ron Paul: Legalize everything.”

The company is also selling T-shirts featuring popular former presidents. There are several John F. Kennedy shirts, but only one featuring Ronald Reagan, a surprising oversight due to Reagan’s popularity with modern Republicans.