Sunday show wrap-up: Terror dominates


Top Obama aide: ‘Where there is a threat to us, we will take action’  McDonough said the U.S. cannot be an “occupying force” in places like Yemen or Syria.

McCain: Obama has ‘no strategy’ to defeat terrorist groups  The senator said Obama has “lost touch with reality.”

McDonough: No deal for ISIS hostage  “Our policies on this are pretty well set,” McDonough told “Fox News Sunday.”

Basketball legend: Terrorists using Islam as a ‘mask’  “It is not what Islam is about,” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said.



WH chief of staff: Relationship with Israel ‘deep and abiding’  “This is most important relationship we have in world,” McDonough said.

House Dem: Inviting Israeli prime minister a ‘terrible mistake’  “I think it’s harmful to the U.S.-Israel relationship,” Rep. Adam Schiff said.



Huckabee ‘moving in direction’ of 2016 run  The former governor said a decision will likely come in the spring.

Santorum stokes 2016 talk  The former senator called for the GOP to “be a unifying party in America.”

Jindal: Nation’s leaders don’t have the courage to tell the truth  The governor said the Obama administration is trying to redefine the American dream.

Ohio governor: Bieber, Brady distracting Americans from debt  John Kasich, a possible 2016 candidate, is promoting a balanced budget amendment.



White House chief of staff: No let up in focus on middle class  McDonough pointed to efforts to “put the middle class first.”



Santorum: Obama climate actions will have ‘zero impact’  The former senator said humans are not contributing to climate change.

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