Video footage released Thursday shows South Carolina police officer Michael Slager conducting a traffic stop on the day he fatally shot Walter Scott. 
The video, released by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and broadcast by CNN shows Slager after he pulled over Scott, who was driving a green Mercedes-Benz on Saturday before the shooting occurred. 
Slager says in the video he pulled over Scott because of a broken taillight and asks for the man's license and registration. Scott is heard saying he was buying the car but didn't yet have insurance paperwork, after which the officer returns to his vehicle. 
After a few seconds, Scott briefly steps out of the car before getting back in and closing the door. After several seconds, the door opens again and Scott bolts, prompting the officer to chase after him. 
Authorities had promised to release additional footage, thought to be from the officer's dashboard camera, after video emerged earlier this week showing the white police officer shooting the unarmed black man in the back several times.
The officer has been charged with murder in the case, which has stoked renewed debate over use of police force after a string of high-profile cases last year where white police officers were involved in the deaths of unarmed black men.