Indiana's Memories Pizza reopens after gay rights furor
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Indiana's Memories Pizza has reopened after its owners came under fire for saying they would not cater a same-sex wedding.

The small pizzeria in Walkerton, Ind., reopened on Thursday, and co-owner Kevin O’Connor told The Indianapolis Star it was doing a brisk business.


Memories Pizza was at the center of a nationwide debate last week over Indiana's "religious freedom" law, which critics said would have allowed for businesses to discriminate against the gay community. 

After O’Connor's daughter, Crystal, said in a TV interview that they would not provide food for a same-sex wedding, the business was targeted by critics with threats and hate mail.

Supporters then rushed to its cause, raising $842,442 for the business through a GoFundMe account. 

Kevin O’Connor told the Star he would spend some of the money on improvements for the store and donate some to charity, the newspaper reported.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ultimately signed legislation intended to fix the law by specifying it was not designed to allow businesses to discriminate.