Chief justice called for jury duty in Maryland
© Greg Nash

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts got a first-hand look at life on the other side of the bench Wednesday, reporting for jury duty in Rockville, Md.


The Washington Post reports that Roberts was not selected and did not answer questions about his job as head of the highest court in the land.

But he did reportedly discuss his sister, who is a nurse, and his brother-in-law, who is a policeman.

He had been considered for a civil case involving a car crash, but was dismissed after he met with the attorneys and the judge, according to the Post. Roberts lives in Chevy Chase, Md., just outside of Washington D.C.

Roberts would not have had much free time if he had been chosen. The Supreme Court begins another round of oral arguments next week, during which it will hear cases that include discussions on sentencing for certain gun possession and for drug dealing.

Associate Justice Elena Kagan reported for jury duty in 2011 before being dismissed, and presidents including Obama, Clinton, George W. Bush, and Reagan have all been summoned for jury duty. But no president has been selected for a trial in modern history, according to the Christian Science Monitor.