Gyrocopter pilot banned from Capitol, ordered to wear GPS tracker
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The man who landed a gyrocopter Wednesday on the West Lawn of the Capitol was arraigned Thursday and released to his Florida home.

Doug Hughes, 61, has been charged with violating aircraft registration requirements and the national defense airspace, the Los Angeles Times reported. Together, the two charges carry penalties of up to four years in prison.


While his case moves through the legal system, Hughes will be detained at his home in Florida. The Tampa Bay Times reported that he will have to wear a GPS tracking device.

He also is not allowed to fly any aircraft.

Hughes will be allowed to return to Washington for court appearances but will not be able to go near the Capitol or the White House.

He will next appear in court in the District on May 8.

Hughes captured the attention of the media on Wednesday afternoon when he landed his gyrocopter — a small aircraft — on the Capitol grounds in an attempt to draw attention to campaign finance reform. He was planning to deliver letters to members of Congress on the issue but was arrested shortly after landing.