Former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush visited Mitt Romney’s campaign headquarters in Boston on Tuesday, although the presumptive Republican nominee was in Reno, Nev., to speak to the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention.

Romney’s wife, Ann, introduced the Bushes to the Boston team. It’s the latest sign that the campaign isn't running away from the former head of the party.


Bush has endorsed Romney but has not appeared publicly with him, and last week the former president said that although he was invited to the Republican National Convention, he would not be attending.

President Obama has consistently blamed his predecessor for the economic mess he inherited, and Democrats have tried to tie Romney to Bush’s policies.

A new poll released by The Hill this week found that the majority of voters pin most of the blame on Obama for the weak economy. Thirty-four percent of respondents to the poll said Obama is the most to blame, while only 18 percent pointed the finger at Bush.