Clinton: ‘Baltimore is burning’
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“Baltimore is burning,” she said to donors to her presidential campaign. 
“The tragic death of another young African-American man, the injuries to police officers, the burning of peoples’ homes and small businesses. We have to restore order and security. But then we have to take a hard look as to what we need to do to reform our system.”
She added the country must “reform our criminal justice system” and made a reference to ending “mass incarceration,” but the specifics were drowned out by applause. Clinton also said she will address the topic Wednesday at a conference at Columbia University in New York. 
Protests have been ongoing in Baltimore, since the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who died in police custody from a severe spinal injury. But there have also been riots, with some setting fire to cars and buildings or throwing rocks at police.
At least 20 officers were injured, but city officials are hopeful that Tuesday night will be calmer with a government-imposed curfew.
About 150 people attended Clinton's Manhattan fundraiser, where guests had either donated the maximum $2,700 to her campaign or raised $27,000 as a bundler to become what the campaign refers to as a "Hillstarter."