Lynch: 'All efforts were made' to warn of threats to 'Draw Muhammad'
© Francis Rivera

Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Friday said “all efforts were made” by the Justice Department to alert the Texas police department about threats to the “Draw Muhammad” event last Sunday.

“When information is determined to generate a threat to any police department, we do provide them with as much information as we can,” Lynch said at a press conference.

Lynch said federal officials recognized before the event that one of the gunmen, Elton Simpson, might have been interested in attending. Still, Lynch said Simpson hadn’t been “active in the immediate past,” though he had been the subject of a terrorism investigation.


“The information that was provided [about Simpson] was probably more limited than the Garland Police Department would have liked or hoped to have seen, but certainly I know that all efforts were made to provide them with information,” she said.

FBI Director James Comey said on Thursday that the bureau had learned Simpson might be traveling to the “Draw Muhammad” event and sent a warning a few hours ahead of time, though the FBI didn’t have evidence of a plot, according to NBC News.

Comey added that he didn’t think the officer who ultimately shot Simpson and Soofi Nadi, the second gunman, had seen the bulletin.

The two gunmen shot one school security officer in the ankle, but were shot and killed by police before they could harm anyone else. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has taken credit for the attack, but U.S. officials are still investigating that claim.