ISIS claims credit for deadly Iraq prison break
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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is claiming credit for a deadly prison break north of Baghdad on Friday that killed five guards and 30 inmates. 
A total of 40 prisoners escaped from the prison in the town of Al-Khalis, CNN reported, including nine who were in custody on terrorism charges. 
On Twitter, where the jihadist group has a wide following, ISIS said the clashes began when members blew up military and security vehicles near the prison. 
At the same time, the group claimed, its members inside the prison took control of a weapons room, fought guards and freed inmates. 
Whether the incident was ISIS’s work has not been confirmed. A spokesman for Iraq’s Ministry of Interior told CNN the breakout began when prisoners seized a weapon from a guard, leading to clashes. 
The escape took place against the backdrop of substantial bloodshed in the Baghdad region over the last several days. 
Three car combs exploded Friday and Saturday, killing 15 and injuring dozens.