Report: Engineer on Amtrak train declined to give statement to police
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The engineer who was onboard a derailed Amtrak train reportedly refused on Wednesday to provide a statement to police.

Brandon Bostian, 32, declined to make a statement about the crash at the Philadelphia Police Department until he had legal representation, according to the city’s local ABC News affiliate.

After an attorney arrived, Bostian departed for his home in Forrest Hills, N.Y., without making an official statement, ABC reported.


Bostian was initially taken to an area hospital after Tuesday evening’s crash. He received 14 staples to close a wound in his head and reportedly told hospital staff he remembered little of the incident involving Northeast Regional Train 188.

ABC’s Philadelphia affiliate described Bostian as a seasoned veteran of the route the train had been traveling.

The conductor of the train that crashed remains in critical condition at Temple University Hospital.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced on Twitter Wednesday that the Amtrak train was traveling at more than 100 miles per hour prior before overturning.

“NTSB confirms preliminary data shows #Amtrak train speed exceeded 100 mph prior to derailment,” the agency tweeted.

“Further calibrations are being conducted,” it said.

Amtrak Train 188 reportedly approached a tight curve at Frankford Junction well over the area’s speed limit of 50 miles per hour.

Amtrak officials have since recovered a black box from wreckage near Philadelphia and begun analyzing it at a company facility in Delaware.

Tuesday evening’s incident killed seven people and wounded at least 140 more.