Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel deflected a question on failed solar energy firm Solyndra on Friday.

Emanuel, now mayor of Chicago, was being interview by a local Chicago radio station when he was asked about the solar energy firm. Emanuel refused to answer the question and instead referred the reporter to the White House counsel.

"It's simple, you just talk to the White House counsel," Emanuel said in an interview with local Chicago radio station WLS. "They are answering all the questions and they will answer any questions you have on the matter."

A day earlier Republicans released a report based on an 18-month investigation of the firm and the Department of Energy's decision to give it a $535 million loan to keep the company afloat.

While the report did not provide any specific evidence that the loan was compensation for campaign donations, the thesis of the lengthy paper was that the Solyndra case was a "cautionary tale" of politics causing the wrongful use of taxpayer money.

Republicans were quick to highlight Emanuel's response to the Solyndra question. The Republican National Committee sent out an email titled "They Said It! Rahm Refers Solyndra Questions To WH Lawyers."

This isn't the first time Republicans targeted Emanuel on Solyndra. In November 2011, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) predicted that Emanuel would be forced to testify on Solyndra.