Warren wouldn’t say whether Clinton’s stance on the Asia-Pacific trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership, would dictate whether she endorses the likely 2016 Democratic White House nominee. 
But while she praised Clinton’s rejection of arbitration panels set up in the deal's framework, Warren panned her for hesitating to go further.
“She has already said that she is opposed to that, and I would like to see her be clearer on that,” Warren said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. 
She also noted that while lawmakers and others have seen the text of the deal, Clinton has not, as it is being kept secret until after the vote. Warren called on Congress to push President Obama to publicly release the text.
“We're being asked to grease the skids for a deal that's basically done, but it's being held in secret until after it's done,” she said.
Clinton briefly addressed TPP at a roundtable event in Iowa just hours before Warren’s comments. She said that since she hasn’t been able to see the final agreement, she wants to reserve judgment until then.
Warren’s comments came days after TPP opponent Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) accused President Obama of sexism for using Warren's first name in criticism of her stance on the trade deal. 
Warren poured cold water on the idea that their ideological feud is personal and didn’t offer direct criticism of the president’s stance, as she had in the past.
“For me this is not personal, for me this is about protecting American workers,” she said.
“These are the issues I have fought to try to protect for pretty much all of my career, long before I ended up in this place. But I think these are powerful issues that affect our country. And I think it's good to get out there, and debate them, to talk about them, to put them in front of the American people.”