Obama's approval rating sinks in new poll
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More Americans are viewing President Obama’s performance negatively, according to a new survey.


The CNN/ORC poll finds that 45 percent approve of Obama’s tenure, while 52 percent disapprove.

Those numbers reveal rising discontent with Obama’s White House since April, CNN said. Back then, 48 percent approved of the president while 47 percent did not.

The latest sampling also shows growing worries that the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction.

Pollsters found that 47 percent rate the country’s status favorably, while 52 percent do not.

CNN said those results reveal a major shift since March, when 53 percent said they approved of the country’s path forward. Those numbers were the highest of Obama’s presidency, the publication added.

A key factor in Obama’s falling job rating may stem from his handling of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The poll finds that 63 disapprove of Obama’s strategy against the terrorist group, an 8-point loss since February.

That negativity over the president’s handling of ISIS cuts across party lines.

Of those disliking Obama’s handling of the terrorist group, 34 percent are Democrats, CNN said.

The president receives better marks on his management of race relations.

Exactly half of those surveyed support his efforts on race, with 50 percent ranking his moves on that topic favorably.

Despite this, 47 percent still say they do not agree with Obama’s handling of racial issues.

CNN’s new survey additionally finds improving attitudes on the economy since a similar sampling one year earlier.

Of those sampled, 50 percent say they believe the economy is healthier, up from 43 percent last year.

Despite this improvement, 23 percent say that America’s economy is still hurting.

CNN/ORC randomly sampled 1,025 adults from May 29-31 via telephone for its latest survey. It has a 3-percentage-point margin of error.