White House: FIFA could benefit from new leadership
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A White House spokesman said Wednesday that FIFA could “benefit from some new leadership” and an improved public image.

"It's apparent from recent news reports that they'd benefit from some new leadership," press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters. "This is an opportunity for that organization to try to improve their public image." 


Earnest said the Justice Department will continue its corruption investigation into international soccer’s governing body, despite longtime FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s decision to resign.

The comments are the first from the White House since the powerful FIFA leader decided to step aside amid reports he is a subject of the U.S. probe into the organization.

Electing a new leader would give FIFA a chance to ensure its actions "are consistent with their mission," Earnest said.

Fourteen FIFA officials and sports marketing executives were arrested last month on charges of wire fraud, money laundering and racketeering involving more than $150 million in kickbacks and bribes.

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