North Korea: America targeting us with anthrax
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North Korea is accusing the United States of targeting it with live anthrax samples.

Pyongyang made the charge in a letter to the United Nations made public on Friday, according to Reuters.


“The United States not only possesses deadly weapons of mass destruction … but also is attempting to use them in actual warfare against [North Korea],” wrote Ja Song Nam, North Korea’s ambassador to the U.N., it said.

Nam authored the message — dated June 4 — for the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

In the letter, Nam “strongly requests the Security Council take up the issue of the shipment of anthrax germs in order to thoroughly investigate the biological warfare schemes of the United States,” Reuters reported.

He included an attachment from North Korea’s National Defence Commission about America’s recent anthrax shipment to a U.S. base in South Korea, which called that delivery “the gravest challenge to peace and a hideous crime aimed at genocide.”

North Korea’s outrage follows reports last week that at least 70 labs across four countries, 19 states and Washington, D.C., might have erroneously received live anthrax samples from a military base in Utah.

Australia, Britain, Canada and South Korea are the foreign nations that have so far reported receiving accidental shipments of the dangerous bacteria.

House lawmakers vowed on Wednesday they will hold the Defense Department accountable for the error amid a Pentagon investigation into its scope and cause.

North Korea has strained relations with the U.N., as Pyongyang is currently under sanctions for conducting nuclear tests and missile launches. The country is blacklisted from importing luxury goods or trading nuclear and missile technology.

The U.N. Security Council added North Korea’s potential human rights violations to its agenda in December, Reuters notes.

A U.N. Commission of Inquiry report last year determined the Hermit Kingdom might have committed acts similar to those perpetrated by Nazi Germany during World War II.