Clinton calls Walter Scott's family while in South Carolina
Clinton called his mother, Judy Scott, while campaigning in South Carolina, according to CNN.
Ryan Julison, a spokesman for the Scott family’s legal representation, said Clinton promised his surviving loved ones that she was “going to work to make sure this doesn’t happen to another family,” it said.
“She told Mrs. Scott that she was very sorry for her family having to go through this,” Julison said of the five-minute phone call, the publication reported.
“Mrs. Scott asked if it was possible for them to meet, to which Secretary Clinton said they would try to make that happen next time she was in the area,” Julison said, according to CNN.
“Judy Scott was very appreciative,” he added. “Mrs. Clinton is the first presidential candidate to call the family and she was really impressed with what Mrs. Clinton has to say.”
Scott, an unarmed black man, was shot and killed in April by former police officer Michael Slager.
The incident was captured on a witness’s cellphone, provoking national outrage, given Scott had been pulled over for a broken taillight before the confrontation escalated.
A grand jury indicted Slager on a murder charge for Scott’s death on June 8. He had previously been fired from the North Charleston, S.C., police force following the leaked footage of the shooting.
A trial date for the former police officer has not yet been set.
Scott initially fled from Slager following a traffic stop April 4.
His death has renewed a national push for police body cameras that document the activities of law enforcement officials.