Angus King posts photo to show recovery from cancer surgery
“[Twenty-four] hours out from surgery and feeling much better -- a little sore around the middle and cobwebby in the head (so what else is new you say?) but actually feel pretty well,” King wrote in a caption to the photo that included his wife, Mary Herman.
“There's not a lot good about an experience like this, but feeling so much love from so many friends has been absolutely overwhelming,” he added. “Now all I need is a week in Maine!”
Earlier this week, King announced he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer during an annual physical and that he planned to have surgery to remove it.
“Let’s face it; cancer is a scary word to hear. So it might seem unusual to say this, but today, I actually feel pretty fortunate,” he said in a June 22 statement, adding that “doctors found my cancer early.”
The 71-year-old lawmaker was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma 40 years ago during a routine check up. 
He received treatment and was cancer-free a few months later.