GQ magazine reported Ryan's name and said wife Janna Ryan's is "Buttercup."

The Secret Service does not confirm codenames, but the magazine reported during the GOP primaries that Mitt Romney went by “Javelin” and Rick Santorum “Petrus," which Santorum later confirmed.

There is no longer any security relevance to call signs for candidates under the agency's protection, according to the Secret Service. The names are typically chosen by the protectee. Santorum said he chose his name because it is the Latin for Peter, and his Italian grandfather's name was Pietro.

President Obama's codename is “Renegade” and former President George W. Bush's is “Trailblazer." 

Deer hunting, with a bow or rifle, is one of Ryan's hobbies, and he has been photographed in his Capitol Hill office drawing a bow. He appears on the cover for the October issue of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine. 

He told the magazine he killed his first deer at 16, and said his own kids now enjoy going hunting with him.