Clinton applauds Iran deal
Clinton said that if elected president, she would use the deal to keep America safe.
“We can never permit Iran to evade its obligations or to place any suspicious site off limits to inspectors,” she said in a statement. 
“And the response to any cheating must be immediate and decisive — starting with the return of sanctions but taking no options off the table, including, if necessary, our military options,” Clinton added.
“The message to Iran should be loud and clear:  We will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon; not just during the term of this agreement — never.”
In a nod to Israel’s disapproval of the deal, Clinton said she is dedicated to that nation’s ability to defend itself.
“As President, I would invite the senior Israeli leadership to Washington for early talks on further strengthening our alliance,” she said.
Clinton noted her familiarity with such tricky negotiations from her time as secretary of State.
“I know from experience what it took to build a global effort to get this done; I know what it will take to rally our partners to enforce it,” she said.