Democrats were quick to pounce on the video, blasting out fundraising emails and issuing critical statements about the remark.

Meanwhile, Romney said that while he stands by his comments, he could have worded them better. On Tuesday former New Hampshire Gov. Jon Sununu, a Romney surrogate, said the attention about the tape was being misplaced and it should instead be on President Obama's "class warfare."

Other Republicans, though, indicated concern that the comments could severely harm Romney's campaign.

Madden said voters are paying more attention to the state of the economy than anything else.

"I think we've put in context the focus of the voters out there," Madden said. "And the voters I think are really focused on the big issues related on the economy and the direction of the country. And if we keep our focus on that, then I think ultimately we’re going to be in a better position to win on Election Day as a result."