Iran military chief supports nuclear deal
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Iran’s military chief voiced his support for the nuclear deal stuck between his government and six world powers, according a Reuters report.
Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, a close ally of Iran’s leadership, reportedly listed 16 “advantages” to the recent agreement while citing no defects.
“The armed forces have the most concerns about the effect of the deal on Iran’s defense capabilities … but this agreement and the U.N. Security Council resolution have many advantages that the critics ignore,” Firouzabadi said, referring to an international resolution passed after the initial deal.
Hard-line members of the Iranian parliament have been sharply critical of the deal, arguing it will curtail the Islamic Republic’s military endeavors.
The deal also has its critics in the U.S. Congress. Republicans and several Democrats have come out in opposition to the accord, most recently Sen. Chuck SchumerChuck SchumerSenators shed masks after CDC lifts mandate Pro-tax millionaires protesting in front of Bezos's homes Student debt cancellation advocates encouraged by Biden, others remain skeptical MORE (D-N.Y.), who broke with his party on the issue.
“To me, the very real risk that Iran will not moderate and will, instead, use the agreement to pursue its nefarious goals is too great,” Schumer said in a statement posted on Medium Thursday.
Republicans in the Senate have vowed to block the deal.
The Senate will take up deliberations over the deal Sept. 8.