But, Messina continues in the memo, Romney refrained from outlining policy specifics on immigration during a forum hosted by Univision.

"Romney has had months to say whether or not he would preserve the administration’s deferred action policy that allows young people who have always called the United States home a chance to stay in this country and pursue their dreams," Messina continues. "He once again failed to do that last night."

Messina also accuses Romney of failing to provide specifics on his "draconian budget plan on education" as well as on how he would hope to pay for a healthcare plan that would replace the Obama administration's healthcare reform law.

"He hasn’t offered many details about his plans to turn Medicare into a voucher system, but we do know it is frightening," Messina writes.

The Obama campaign manager concludes the memo by saying that Romney is hoping to move ahead in the polls through strong debate performances.

"With weeks of debate prep, including an entire week during the Democratic convention, he’s obviously banking on flawless performances in October to achieve the turnaround his campaign has projected," Messina writes. "But Americans won’t score this contest on style points alone."

Messina's memo is the latest volley between the campaigns about the upcoming debates. On Monday the Obama campaign called the debates "make or break" for Romney. Romney's campaign, in response, has likewise attempted to raise expectations for Obama's performance.

"Presidential debates are always important, and the governor is preparing for them in a serious manner," Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said. "President Obama is the most gifted speaker in modern political history, so it is hard to imagine anyone outscoring him in debate points."

The first of three debates is Oct. 3.