Israel ups US envoy's security amid death threats
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Israeli police are offering extra security protection to the U.S. ambassador following multiple death threats.
U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro is receiving a barrage of threats over America’s historic nuclear deal with Iran last month, according to The Times of Israel.
Letters menacing the diplomat began reaching the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv last week, with three new threats also arriving Wednesday.
Shapiro also received an intimidating, anonymous post on his Facebook page, the report added.
The social media attack argued that the U.S. “abandoned Israel” last month by entering a nuclear agreement with Iran.
The post also called Shapiro a “kapo,” a World War II term for concentration camp prisoners appointed by the Nazis to guard their fellow inmates.
Local police commander Yehuda Dahan is bringing an inquiry about the incidents to a special investigation team.
No suspects have been apprehended, and Dahan’s agency is refusing additional comment on the matter.
Shapiro’s diplomatic role in Israel makes him a key figure in the Obama administration’s push to sell its pact with Tehran.
He is pressuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a vocal critic of the deal, to prepare for the possibility it takes effect and alters international relations with Iran.
“We will need to work together to deal with the threats from Iran,” Shapiro said, according to The Times of Israel. “We can begin to prepare for the day after.”
Netanyahu has repeatedly argued Iran is an untrustworthy regime that would threaten his nation’s existence should it gain atomic weapons.
President Obama has countered that diplomacy is the best method for preventing an Iranian nuclear arsenal.
Netanyahu is urging Congress to rally against Obama’s landmark accord. Lawmakers are currently in a 60-day window for reviewing the pact’s details.
They will vote on a resolution either approving or disapproving the diplomatic bargain next month.