James O’Keefe releases sting video of Canadian buying Hillary gear


A conservative media group specializing in undercover investigations released a video on Tuesday purporting to show the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign breaking federal election law.

In the video, an operative from the James O’Keefe-led Project Veritas approaches a Hillary for America booth manned by officials Molly Barker and Erin Tibe, when she notices the woman next to her get turned away from making a donation because she is a Canadian citizen.

{mosads}“Sure, so we can’t take contributions from anyone that is not a citizen of the United States,” Tibe tells the woman who is only identified as a Montreal native.

The undercover Project Veritas journalist then offered to serve as a middleman in the transaction, accepting the Canadian citizen’s money and handing it over to the campaign in exchange for merchandise.

“So Canadians can’t buy them, but Americans can buy it for them?” the Project Veritas operative asks Barker in the video.

“Not technically, you would just be making the donation,” Barker replies before accepting the money.

The undercover journalist persuaded the officials manning the booth to allow her to buy memorabilia and make a small donation for the Canadian citizen. The total transaction was for $75, and the Clinton merchandise included a hat and rainbow pin.

The video was shot at Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch rally at Roosevelt Island in New York City on June 13.

O’Keefe said the video is evidence of Clinton campaign officials violating the federal election law that prohibits political campaigns from accepting donations from “a foreign national directly or indirectly.”

“Just to repeat, these senior Hillary campaign officials are not rookies,” O’Keefe says in the video. “They know the ins and outs of the election code, and we’ve shown you they’re willing to break the law.”

O’Keefe held a press conference on Tuesday to unveil the video, during which he faced skeptical questions from several journalists in attendance.

“What would you say to people — including me, my first reaction is this is about buying a T-shirt, it seems pretty trivial, I mean this doesn’t seem like much of a bombshell,” one reporter said.

“This isn’t about the amount, this is about the willingness to contravene the law,” O’Keefe responded.

“Is this the best that you have because it’s out first?” another asked.

“Is this a joke?” one journalist asked. “This feels like a prank.”

“Are you sure this isn’t a joke?” the same reporter asked later.

“Well, you know, I understand where you’re coming from, you’re trying to use ridicule, and I appreciate that,” O’Keefe responded.

“Every few days we’re going to release another tape, and you can continue to say it’s a joke, but people are going to be resigning,” O’Keefe said.

The Washington Post, which had early access to the video, ran an article on Tuesday morning about the video, with the headline “New James O’Keefe video sting catches campaign being kind to a Canadian.”

“This video shows a Project Veritas operative yet again unsuccessfully trying to entrap campaign staffers who very clearly rejected any foreign donations,” a spokesman for the Clinton campaign told The Post. “Our staffers understand and follow the law, as demonstrated even in their selectively edited video.”

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