Palin: Obama missed some stuff on touristy Alaska trip
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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) on Friday panned a trip by President Obama to her home state this week, describing it as a "sightseeing trip of America’s busiest tourist."
Palin argued that while Obama "enjoyed spectacular autumn weather which he commemorated with many selfies on a stick," he missed some key features of the region.
"Here are a few things he missed," Palin wrote in an op-ed for IJReview, published under the byline "Denali," her Secret Service code name during the 2008 presidential campaign and the Native Alaskans' name for Mount McKinley that Obama controversially restored ahead of his trip.
Palin listed a litany of suggestions for Obama's next trip, including visiting the Hubbard Glacier ("which is actually growing"), meeting Alaska's military personnel ("We'll thank the troops for you, sir") and focusing on the state's natural energy resources.
"Maybe if he had looked across the way he’d finally notice the looming, growing, serious threat that is Vladimir Putin," Palin wrote in another jab at Obama, including a photo of the Russian president sitting in a rubber fishing boat with a crossbow. 
"What, do I have to keep an eye on him from my house?" Palin quipped. 
She also made light of a salmon spawning on Obama's shoes during the trip, saying, "I’m glad you loved Alaska … these residents were excited to see you … that’s the Alaskan spirit!"