Former President George W. Bush said on Wednesday that his golf game needs improvement.

“I’d say mediocre,” he said on the Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive.” “It’s never as good as I want it to be.”


“[I like] hitting a pure shot,” Bush told host Rich Lerner. “Every putt in. [It irritates me] not hitting the perfect shot every time.”

Bush admitted that he is perhaps a better golf spectator than golf player.

“When I’m not painting I love watching golf,” he said at Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, Texas.

The former president talked about two of his best scores since he took up playing golf in his spare time.

“I think I had a 75 at El Dorado,” he said of the course in El Dorado, Ark. 

“I also shot a 77 at Augusta one time,” he added, referring to Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia where the Masters is held.

Bush bemoaned that his father, former President George H.W. Bush, isn't capable of joining him on the links.

“He can’t play golf anymore,” George W. Bush said of his 91-year-old father. “[But] he is in high spirits.”

Bush’s remarks came before he played in the 5th Annual Warrior Open Wednesday afternoon.

The yearly event draws attention to wounded military veterans and the struggles they face readjusting to civilian life.

“These are wonderful men,” Bush said of the military personnel competing against him.

“We are a blessed nation to have people who have worn the uniform. The veterans are a huge asset for the United States and our future.”