‘Back to the Future’ villain based on Trump
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“Back to the Future” villain Biff Tannen was inspired by Donald TrumpDonald TrumpBiden administration still seizing land near border despite plans to stop building wall: report Illinois House passes bill that would mandate Asian-American history lessons in schools Overnight Defense: Administration says 'low to moderate confidence' Russia behind Afghanistan troop bounties | 'Low to medium risk' of Russia invading Ukraine in next few weeks | Intelligence leaders face sharp questions during House worldwide threats he MORE, according to the film’s writer.

“We thought about it when we made the movie!” screenwriter Bob Gale told the Daily Beast on Wednesday.


A high school bully who terrorizes Marty McFly in the original, Tannen appears in the sequel as a golden-haired casino mogul who uses his money and influence to assume political power in a dystopic America, circa 2015.

“Are you kidding? You watch ‘Part II’ again and there’s a scene where Marty confronts Biff in his office and there’s a huge portrait of Biff on the wall behind Biff, and there’s one moment where Biff kind of stands up and he takes exactly the same pose as the portrait?” Gale said.

“Yeah. That’s what we were thinking about,” he added.

The film's protagonists traveled through time to Oct. 21, 2015, in “Back to the Future Part II,” marking Wednesday as “Back to the Future Day.”

Several of the movie’s predictions about the future have been prescient. Although writers whiffed on the hover board, they successfully envisioned staples of modern-day life such as the self-checkout line and the IMAX Theater.

The 1989 science fiction comedy also had the Chicago Cubs winning the 2015 MLB World Series, a prediction that may fall just short, as the perennial underdogs currently face a three-games-to-zero deficit in the National League Championship Series.

“Nobody gets it right,” Gale said. “You might get a few things right, but you’re gonna get a lot of things wrong. We missed the smartphone entirely. How did we miss that?”