Kerry: U.S. troops will only fight ISIS
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Secretary of State Kerry says American forces deployed to Syria will only try to combat Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces and will not interject into the ongoing civil war.
At a news conference in Kyrgyzstan on Saturday, Kerry made it clear that ISIS is a threat to every nation and said the group must be defeated, according to the Associated Press.
He did not rule out a further escalation of U.S. forces to the fight.
The White House on Friday announced it will send 50 Special Operations troops to northern Syria to assist Kurdish and Arab forces in their fight against ISIS.
The move is part of a revamped campaign to fight the terrorist group that has destabilized the Middle East.
The U.S. is also deploying A-10s and F-15s to Turkey and working with Iraq to create a special forces task force to target ISIS leaders and networks in the region.