Allen West: Obama ‘playing a deadly game’ with troops’ lives
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Former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) says President Obama is needlessly endangering U.S. military personnel by deploying troops to Syria.

“The Obama administration is playing a deadly game with the lives of our troops,” he wrote In his blog on Wednesday. “I must say, it would just be better if President Obama declined to make any comments about national security and military operations."


West is taking issue with Obama's claim that U.S. troops helping to coordinate the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) won't be on the "front lines" and not in combat.

West said that any deployment to Syria risks the lives of American soldiers and that troops wouldn't be able to avoid engagements with the enemy. He added that special operations forces would not ultimately defeat ISIS, thus endangering U.S. military forces for no reason.

“Mr. President, the message I need you to understand is clear, so listen up,” wrote West, who served in both Iraq wars.

“You do not get to decide from the White House what the ‘front lines’ are,” he said. "Our troops are not there for you to use as pawns in some game that enables you to save face.

“This is all about fighting,” West continued. "No one will respect our troops if you send them over to just coordinate delivery of supplies and ammo. If that’s the case, send UPS.

“When Obama is sitting back here safe and sound protected by U.S. Secret Service agents, how dare he send our warriors into harm’s way and with the caveat that they’re not there to be fighting – that’s’ beyond insane,” he added.

Obama said Monday that his new deployment of U.S. Special Forces into Syria doesn't break his vow against “boots on the ground."

“We are not putting U.S. troops on the front lines fighting firefights with ISIL,” he said, using an alternative acronym for ISIS.

“I’ve been consistent throughout that we are not going to be fighting, like we did in Iraq, with battalions and occupations,” Obama added. "That doesn’t solve the problem.”

Obama has authorized fewer than 50 troops to help “coordinate local ground forces and coalition efforts.”

The president’s decision deepens U.S. involvement in Syria in a way that he has previously avoided. Obama has long resisted calls for military actions there other than one-off raids.

“His continued commentary indicates someone who hasn’t a doggone clue and displays an unimaginable level of confusion and incompetence,” West said Wednesday.

“Even worse, the sons of others will have to pay the price for his inane and disconcerting actions.”