President Obama and Mitt Romney were often addressing different people during Wednesday's debate. 

Obama repeatedly addressed moderator Jim Lehrer and looked to him during the debate. He avoided directing his answers and comments to Romney. 

Romney, in contrast, frequently looked at the president as he criticized Obama's record. While he didn't ignore Lehrer, the PBS broadcaster serving as moderator, he much more than Obama directed his remarks to his debate opponent. 


The split-screen on most networks offered a stark contrast in style, highlighting the different strategies of the two candidates.

Romney's tactic seemed consistent with many candidates challenging incumbents. He sought to address Obama directly to highlight his differences with the president and show himself to voters as an alternative. 

Obama, meanwhile, seemed to make a concerted effort not acknowledge Romney and spoke in measured tones in detailing the policy contrasts between the two candidates. On several occasions Obama seemed to catch himself turning to address Romney, quickly turning his gaze back to Lehrer.

Obama's move seemed intended to place himself above Romney, the challenger.