Palin went on to warn that even as Romney continued to surge through upcoming debate performances, Americans should be wary of spin aimed to damage the former Massachusetts governor.

"Now we have to be wary though in the next couple of debates, also, as Mitt Romney continues to gain and gain just by being truthful and experienced and intelligent, and doing a good job as a presidential candidate — these guys, in the Obama camp, they're not gonna go down without swinging," Palin continued. "The American public just needs to be aware, that they've gotta do they're own homework and just be aware."

Conservatives praised Romney's performance in the first debate while liberal pundits said Obama's performance was lackluster.

"I thought the president tonight was disappointing when he allowed Mitt Romney to talk about $716 billion in Medicare and the president did not come out and explain it and go after it," Schultz said.