Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is admitting her infamous response to a Katie Couric question about what newspapers she reads was "crappy" in a new interview with CBS.  

During the 2008 presidential election, then-CBS news anchor Couric asked Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) GOP running mate what newspapers she regularly reads to stay informed. 


"I read most of them with a great appreciation for the press and media," Palin responded. 

Couric asked her to clarify specific newspapers and magazines to which Palin responded, "All of them." 

Palin took a lot of heat for that answer. 

"Was it a fair question? Yeah, sure," Palin said in an interview with CBS's Tracy Smith. "I had a crappy answer, but it was a fair question." 

Palin says she didn't like the way the interview made her look like "an idiot." 

Smith also asked Palin if she felt "like a loser" after her failure in 2008. 

"Well, sure. I mean, you either win or you lose," Palin responded. "It's like, dang, I wish I could have added more, contributed more positively. Maybe there was no chance we were going to win anyway."

Palin admits she is part of the reason she and McCain lost the presidential election. 

"It takes a team to win, so it takes a team to lose. I was part of a team that came in second ... out of two," Palin said. 

As for who she thinks is the standout candidate in the 2016 GOP field, Palin said, "That fighter is Donald Trump. 

"He's got nothing to lose. He doesn't have to be bought or sold, obviously, especially when it comes to contributions," she said. "He is his own man."