Ian McKellen: Syrian refugees ‘should be looked after’
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Actor Ian McKellen says the U.S. and its allies should provide Syria’s refugees with safety and comfort.

“These are brave, brave people,” he said on Ora TV’s “Larry King Now” Monday.


“I think they should be looked after and cared for until such a time that they go home, which is what most of them want to do, I think,” McKellen said.

“At the moment on the northern coast of France, trying to get into England, are over 6,000 refugees who have walked across half the world to get there,” the British entertainer added. “Most of the people don’t want to come to the West — they want to stay in their own country but they can’t because there’s a terrible civil war going on in Syria.”

President Obama’s plan for accepting at least 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. next year is currently facing fierce bipartisan criticism.

Detractors say his strategy leaves America’s shores exposed to terrorists posing as displaced Syrians.

McKellen argued that last week’s carnage in Paris is no excuse for abandoning the West’s sympathy for those less fortunate.

“It’s a terrible event, but there are many terrible events around it, aren’t there?” he said to King.

“In Paris, [there is] this devastation,” McKellen continued. "I suppose a terrorist just wanted to disrupt our lives and make it hell.

“Well, that’s the risk you take. I think our answer is to carry on.”

More than half of the nation’s governors are opposing Obama’s Syrian refugee plan, according to a tally compiled Tuesday by The Hill

A total of 28 governors — 27 Republicans and one Democrat — are currently freezing the president’s program amid safety concerns.

The House is likely voting this week on legislation that would temporarily pause opening U.S. borders to displaced Syrians.

“Our nation has always been welcoming, but can’t let terrorists take advantage of our compassion,” Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told reporters Tuesday afternoon. "This is a moment where it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.”