Dem rep: ‘Very unsettling’ to see cop pointing gun at my son
© Anne Wernikoff
The congressman’s son, Jeremiah Ellison, was taking part in a protest outside of the Fourth Precinct police station in Minneapolis, Minn., on Wednesday night.
The Star Tribune snapped the photo, capturing the tense standoff between police and demonstrators protesting the shooting of Jamar Clark.
“It was very unsettling, disturbing,” Ellison told reporters Thursday. “You know, he’s a very good kid, he’s just trying to demonstrate how he feels about the issue at hand, and his hands were up, he was peacefully protesting.”
Ellison encouraged both sides in the ongoing protests to show “restraint.”
“I think that it’s important for us all to exercise restraint – officers restraint, people who are protesting to remain and continue to be peaceful,” he said.
Police say officers were hit by rocks, bricks and bottles at the protests, and chemical irritants were deployed by both sides.
Ellison said organizing protesters were trying to keep the event “as peaceful as possible."