Buchanan: Terror attacks bringing 'retreat of liberalism'
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Political commentator Pat Buchanan says the recent string of terrorist attacks are bringing about a “retreat of liberalism.”
“I think we are seeing a general retreat of liberalism in the United States and in Europe, and a fairly dramatic shift to the right, if you will, politically and ideologically,”  Buchanan told John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” in an interview airing Sunday on New York’s AM-970. 
“These events are producing a tremendous rise in nationalism, I think in tribalism in Europe, of nation’s desiring to be themselves, securing their borders, and almost as well of Caesarism — in other words, the look for a strong leader, someone who will deal with these devils who came to kill us and who will deal with them in a tough way,” he added.
The House passed a bill Thursday to make it more difficult for refugees fleeing war-torn Syria to enter the country.
Buchanan said parties in Europe and the U.S. calling for immigration restrictions will gain political strength going forward.
“So I think it’s a change in the world that is moving away from the world preached by Barack Obama,” he said.
Buchanan said the U.S. will have a “great debate” on the issue of multiculturalism brought about by the issues of illegal immigration and radical Islamic terrorism.
“People are celebrating diversity, but what I see is a maximum disunity that’s occurring,” he said.
On the subject of Syrian refugees, Buchanan added that he wasn’t sure why the U.S. should take in Syrian refugees who have already fled their country and are out of harm’s way.
“Why are we bringing Syrian refugees here when they’re already out of Syria? They’re not under any threat right now,” Buchanan told John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” in an interview airing Sunday on New York’s AM-970. 
“I mean, once they leave Syria, if the Shia move into the southern section of Lebanon, the Sunnis move into other sections of Lebanon or Turkey or Jordan, they’re not in any mortal threat,” he added.
“So why should the United States automatically take these folks rather than, say, the Sunni and Shia nations of the Arab world, since these are Arab, Sunni, and Shia?”